The Man Behind a Thousand Covers





"John Kosh, known professionally as Kosh, ranks as one of the greatest art director/graphic designers in the history of Rock. To create one iconic image would be an achievement for any art director yet Kosh stands above all with classic covers ranging from Abbey Road to Who's Next to Hotel California.


Kosh left the traditional art world where he worked for the Royal Ballet to join up with The Beatles in the late 60's. His first assignment was to quickly put together the Abbey Road album package. He stunned the establishment by deciding to not put The Beatles name on the front cover to the dismay of the record company. Tens of millions of albums later, his decision was proven right and so began a decades long career. Kosh served as art director for Apple Records and worked closely with all The Beatles but had a special relationship with John Lennon. That relationship lead Kosh to create the iconic "War Is Over" campaign artwork.


In the early 70's, Kosh moved to Los Angeles and immediately picked up where he left off designing album packages and art for the Eagles, Bob Dylan, James Taylor, E.L.O., Rod Stewart and his Grammy winning collaborations with Linda Ronstadt. Many of Kosh's iconic designs graced Sunset Boulevard as billboards during the heyday of the music business. Kosh also contributed to L.A. culture with studio and club designs."