Zac Tomaszewski | Fortunate Isles


Infinity West Adams is thrilled to present its first solo exhibition of Los Angeles-based artist Zac Tomaszewski. Fortunate Isles unites two series of paintings, bright and snowy scenes from Norway that offset nocturnal landscapes of Los Angeles. The scenes are all sourced from photographs taken by Tomaszewski, who lived in Oslo while pursuing his MFA. Also on display is a sculptural work in which rocks and water bathed in ultraviolet light allude to something, or somewhere, between the marine and the extraterrestrial.


Tomaszewski is a master of hybrids. Though he works primarily as a painter, his installations, video painting and digital landscapes involve technological interventions that modify the basic elements, physical materials or natural environments we’re used to. But even his works in a more classical medium, oil on canvas, betray a sense of hybridity; here they evoke the felt, almost corporeal ability of the mind to be in two places at once. As an ‘archipelago of memory,’ Fortunate Isles is a collection of scattered moments and surroundings remembered by the body as much as the mind. Among the paintings from Norway and Los Angeles is a self-portrait that literalizes the multiple identities of a singular body, and simultaneous alienation and connection felt to both places the artist has called home. Rather than suggest a splintering of the self, the Fortunate Isles series sets forward a positive reading of nostalgia and liminality. Its title refers to the three islands at the center of Elysium. Although a land of limbo, they are ultimately a paradise in which the potential and exciting uncertainty of rebirth and movement is a privilege afforded to the blessed.