Isaac Pelayo | Broken Beauty

Not many people know what they want to be at the age of three. But in the case of fine artist Isaac Pelayo, this is true. Born in Los Angeles, CA, on June 7th, 1996, Isaac picked up a pencil at a tender age and discovered a profound passion. He was compelled to mirror his father and fellow fine artist, Antonio Pelayo Jr., but produce art of his own in the process. Growing up, he found comfort in solace, as it allowed him to learn what being committed and dedicated meant and he embraced his love for the craft. His work initiated as a child; from sketching and coloring Disney characters, to now drawing life-like pieces in minuscule and in depth detail using only a pencil. His influences and inspirations lie in his family, other visual artist, musical artist, and the idea of improving his skill on a daily basis.


His massive skill didn’t take long to open up success for him. He won first place at the 2008 12th Annual Western Art Show in Riverside, CA at the age of only 11. He went on to win other first placements at the VASE Art Contest in Killeen, Texas, and at The Hemet Valley Art Competition a few years later. Also exhibiting in several well-known galleries such as The Seventh Letter Gallery, Burbank Art Center, Plaza De La Raza, and Gallery 446 to name a few.

He is an ambitious adult who strives to challenge himself to the fullest and has plans on attending professional art schools to take his skill to another level.


“I was raised by two Chicano families on both parents’ sides in different places in Southern California, particularly Los Angeles, where the superficial and perfectly beautiful thrive. Between a sense of instability and separation I fell into a hole of insecurity. A child of modern technology, it is social media that dictates what beauty is. It would force me to examine myself and not like what I saw. I lost myself in trying to correct my flaws. Losing confidence and eventually losing myself. Coming out of my teenage years, I’ve also come out of this empty mentality and realized beauty is not seen with the eyes but with the heart and mind. It is those that are broken physically and mentally that are particularly beautiful.


It’s important to display everything as is and not fix, hide, or cover up the ugly. Flaws, an important component of life, are what make everything beautiful. This series focuses on flaws and encourages the viewer to see within and as a whole, because without those flaws, the piece would not be complete. It is broken beauty.” ~ Isaac Pelayo